TWKSF Officers

The following list contains The World Kuo Shu Federation Officers 2019-2022:
Chairman: Huang, Chien Liang
President: Steve L. Martin
Special Assistant to President: Judie Martin
Honorary President Richard Lee
Executive Vice President: Li, Wing Kay
Vice President: Tan, Ching Ngee; Alex Czech
Asia President: Keiko Kurisaki
Europe President: Martin Sewer
Pan American President Emerson L. Cinti
Secretary General: Morgan Newman
Deputy Secretary General: Alyssa Bryan
Treasury: Keith Henze
Chief Arbitrator:
Referee General: Ian Chisholm
Deputy Referee General: John Ozuna; Aimee Buckley
Director of Instructor Committee: John Buckley
External Director: Michael Huang
Internal Director: John Green
Director of Wing Chun: Augustin Ngu
Shuai Jiao Director: Loukas Georgiou
Chinese Liaison: Brandi Piacente
Ranking Director: Richard Lee
Ranking Committee: Richard Lee, Joe Dunphy, John Buckley (USA), Augustin Ngu (Canada), Li, Wing Kay (Brazil), Alex Czech (Germany), Martin Sewer (Switzerland), Ching Ngee Tan (Singapore)
Executive Committee: Grandmaster Chang, Fu-Chen (Taiwan, ROC), Grandmaster Martin Sewer (Switzerland), Master Keiko Kurisaki (Japan), Grandmaster Li, Wing Kay (Brazil), Grandmaster John Buckley (USA), Master Alex Czech (Germany), Senior Grandmaster Richard Lee (USA), Grandmaster Augustin Ngu (Canada), Grandmaster Steve Martin (USA), Dr. Tan, Ching-Ngee (Singapore), Devlin McConagly (USA), Wilson Lo (Australia), Jugeshwor Singh (India), Arsenio Flores (Paraguay), Gustavo Diaz (Argentina)
Advisors: Dr. Sung Baek, May Law, Dr. Wayne Hunt, Dr. Kuang Chih Huang, Grandmaster Guang Hua Song, Ying Hua Wu, Grandmaster Pui Chan, Dr. Arthur Panella, Prof. Qiu, Pi Xiang
Medical Advisors: Dr. Steven Friedman, Dr. Chandrasekharan Nair, Dr. Arthur Panella
Legal Counsel: Tsiwen Law
Director of Hall Of Fame Committee: May Law

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