Referee Certification

International Referee Training (IRT) is a week-long certification course held the week before a tournament. The course covers the rules and regulations for the contact competitions of Lei Tai, Shuai Jiao, Tai Ji, and Light Contact as well as Forms Competition regulations and judging. Besides covering the rules for the various contact and forms competitions, the commands and hand signals, ring administration activities, and injury rescue for each category will be presented. At week’s end, students must pass a compulsory written examination and a selected question written examination.

Upcoming and previous IRT courses:

2020 IRT (To be held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA, July 20-24, 2020).

2017 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA).
2015 IRT (Held in Mendoza, Argentina).
2014 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA).
2012 IRT (Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).
2011 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA).
2010 IRT (Held in Krakow, Poland).
2009 IRT (Held in Ulm, Germany).
2008 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA).
2006 IRT (Held in Singapore in November 2006).
2006 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA in July 2006).
2004 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA).
2003 IRT (Held in Sao Paolo, Brazil).
2002 IRT (Held in Hunt Valley, MD, USA).

A shorter one-day National Judges Certification Course (NJCC) is also offered for those attending the USKSF International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament, held annually in Hunt Valley, Maryland, USA. NJCC is offered on an annual basis. This course covers judging internal and external forms and weapon competitions, light contact sparring, and pushing hands competition. It does not include instruction or practice in judging lei tai or shuai jiao events and does not qualify the user for TWKSF International Referee certification.

Existing Referees:

Existing referees (those who have already taken and passed IRT) can access the TWKSF Referee On-Line Training Portal HERE

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