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The World Kuo Shu Federation: An Introduction

The World Kuo Shu Federation (T.W.K.S.F.) is a world-wide not-for-profit organization that promotes the Chinese styles of martial arts; in Chinese, martial arts are sometimes called “Kuo Shu” – a two character word that means “national art.” The term “Kuo Shu” is now recognized as synonymous with traditional Chinese martial arts.

Over the past thirty years, international awareness of the Chinese martial arts has been growing, and qualified instructors from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.,  have brought these arts to other countries in Asia, to the Americas, to Europe, and to Africa. Today, these “national arts” are available to people all over the world. It was the recognition of the growing global interest in Chinese martial arts, and to support the continued exchange of knowledge, that international martial arts leaders developed T.W.K.S.F. in 2002.

Grandmaster Huang, Chien-Liang – a longtime instructor and promoter of martial arts – founded with broad support from noted martial arts masters world-wide. Prior to establishing T.W.K.S.F., Grandmaster Huang sponsored national and international martial arts tournament since 1988, currently totaling over twenty such tournaments. He has been instrumental in supporting tournaments in Europe, Asia and the Americas. T.W.K.S.F. is based outside of Baltimore, Maryland in the United States; Grandmaster Huang serves as the both the current Chairman and current President of T.W.K.S.F. In addition to his work as a promoter, Grandmaster Huang is also an accomplished instructor. His students have become masters in their own right, with schools in North America, South America and Europe. Over the past twenty years, his students have earned championship titles for national, international and world level competitions in forms demonstrations and full contact fighting.

Currently, there are more than 70 group members in T.W.K.S.F. Any qualifying organization – including schools, associations and federations – may join and participate in T.W.K.S.F. activities. This open approach encourages the participation of all Chinese martial arts enthusiasts, without regard to martial style, national origin or political affiliations. T.W.K.S.F. is governed by an Executive Committee. Much of the Executive Committee is determined by an election, based on member nomination and voting. Some Executive Committee positions are selected by the President of T.W.K.S.F.; through these appointments, the President can introduce new leaders to the organization.

The mission statement of T.W.K.S.F. is:

  • To develop and promote traditional Kuo Shu and its physical, mental, and ethical benefits.
  • To create unity, friendship, harmony, and peace through Kuo Shu across international boundaries.
  • To elevate the public opinion of the Chinese martial arts to one of a first class sport through organization of consistently first class events.

In just a few years, T.W.K.S.F. has made remarkable progress toward these objectives. The 1st World Kuo Shu Championship Tournament was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil over November 8th and 9th, 2003. The 2nd World Kuo Shu Championship Tournament was held on November 10th and 11th, 2006 in Singapore. The 3rd World Kuo Shu Championship Tournament, held in New Ulm, Germany on Sept 3 to 6, 2009, attracted 31 countries.  Other tournaments have been held in Europe and the Americas under the sanction of T.W.K.S.F.

Tournament events typically include forms, internal and external, as well as the traditional Kuo Shu Lei Tai fighting. The Lei Tai – or “raised platform” – is the traditional form of Chinese full contact fighting. Most techniques and striking areas are legal, and the event – which permits punching, kicking, sweeping, and throwing – is conducted on an open-sided platform which stands two feet off the ground.

In addition to tournaments, the organization has also trained and certified referees, and provides a ranking system for practitioners. International referee certification typically entails a week-long training program, with extensive practical and written examinations, to reach the “B” level. Additional instruction – including a second week-long training program – and significant referee experience is required to achieve the “A” level of certification. These instructional programs are offered at least once every other year. Since 2002, T.W.K.S.F. has certified more than 100 referees, providing a solid basis for quality judging at events world-wide.

For additional information about The World Kuo Shu Federation, please contact:

Grandmaster Huang, Chien Liang
Chairman, The World Kuo Shu Federation
P.O. Box 927
Reisterstown, MD 21136
Telephone: (443) 394-9222
Facsimile: (443) 394-9202
E-mail: info@twksf.org

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